AngularJS is wonderful. Halloween is scary. brings them together in a silly mashup of a game.

A sprawling over-engineered inefficient three tier code base left me looking for a way out of adding to the years of sticky tape and chewing gum on a legacy app that I’ve just inherited. Massive, a “small, happy, data access tool that will love you forever” proved just what the doctor ordered.

There’s nothing quite like wanting a quick prototype and being stymied by a bug that seems to have no basis in the realities of your code. One such bug hit me with the Django REST Framework. It rears it ugly head with an innocuous looking error message:

Could not resolve URL for hyperlinked relationship using view name

The actual bug is the result of a combination of haste and expectation……

Some rather vague thoughts on models in Rails and ASP.NET MVC. Mostly out of interest in the different approaches rather than as a critique of either framework, because, well because that’s a different blog post….Let’s imagine, for this little ditty, that we are dealing with a blogging engine. Properties In Rails, properties don’t have to […]

Sometimes small things amuse me.

I wonder if Microsoft can produce something as aesthetically pleasing as Apple’s offering.

Creating self signed certificates isn’t really all that complicated, but it can be a little intimidating the first time you do it. What are we trying to achieve? 1) A web api that is protected by client certificates hosted on IIS7. 2) A way to test it out from our browser. Why? Well, the use […]

Meteor ticks the boxes for a realtime web application; “one language”, “realtime as default”. It looks like it eases the path of development, automatically updating your front end templates when your data changes by implementing an subscription model. I’m playing with it. Enjoying the feeling of coding *everything* in one language. It’s definitely a smoother […]

You know how it goes; you’ve found yourself developing a little application to store and display nursery rhyme lyrics because you’re a good parent and want to get the words right for your tot when you sing to them and really, who can remember all seven verses of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So, you scaffold […]

If you’ve somehow been volunteered to upgrade a project that was using Entity Framework 4.1 to Entity Framework 4.3 and you are trying in vain to get the new Code First Migrations to work, the simplest solution I’ve come across so far is to simply delete the EdmMetadata table in your database. Usually, you’ll find […]

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