My name is Bevan. I’m a software developer currently working in public health. I enjoy Tai Chi and I am a Shiatsu therapist. I make soap occasionally, pour latte art frequently and a long time ago, I used to play the guitar. I live in London with my wife and daughter.

I started out with Powerbuilder and classic ASP with a sprinkling of Javascript. I moved on to .NET, working in C#. I’ve always been involved in the database side of things, some DBA work and minor server admin. I’ve also worked with Ruby/Rails, Python/Django and Objective-C. I’ve been enjoying Angular recently. I’m not very fond of Java.


Remember when every web page had a “links” section? Here’s mine:

Ruby flew too – my blog about Ruby.

Place Guitar – an image placeholder service for guitars. Built on top of Google App Engine.

My iOS applications.

One of my iOS applications needed a web based API which I fleshed out to have a web based front end as well – Penny for your thoughts

Mostly children’s book reviews that my wife and I write now and again.

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