Job's evil dream
Job's evil dream

At some point during the last few hours of riffling through CVs, my initial scorn for people who have obviously just applied for any old job they could turned to sympathy…..or maybe compassion….I don’t know. The role my organisation is hiring for is a developer role, with specific requirements for a Microsoft skill set. It is pretty clear from a lot of the CVs that we have received though, that people either do not understand what the role is, or they are just applying to every.single.job that they come across. Getting through a bunch of CVs is tough….and some very smart people have written about the process time and time again.

We had a few jokes initially, as you do, about the lawyer and accountant who submitted their applications…..but then suddenly, I was on page 4 of a very well written resume when my heart just melted. Something in the wording just made me sad. Sad that someone so completely unqualified for the job submitted such a good CV.

Is it the economic climate? Is it pure desperation? Is it simply a desire to move into a new career that prompts someone who does not code to apply? I have no idea. But sometimes I wish I could bring people in for an interview, just to chat. And if, you know, they fit, train them up. Because I’m pretty sure anyone can code, at least I’m pretty sure this one can.

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  1. I feel your pain. We have gone through numerous hiring exercises recently and what we’ve found is that the right people can learn the right skills in a short amount of time.
    Unfortunately it’s much more difficult to learn a new personality, or even just manners, no matter how technically proficient you are.

    The best cultural (that’s TEAM culture) fit is the most important criteria for us.

  2. Yep – that would work for me. My organisation, however, being funded from the tax-pound, has to be slightly more cautious being as they are very tabloid-scandal risk averse.

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