Rendering partials from other view modules in Phoenix

Playing with Elixir and Phoenix at the moment, so here is a small snippet.

When you want to render a partial template that sits in a different view module, here’s the syntax:

<%= render ApplicationName.ViewModule, viewname, conn: @conn %>

So, for example, if we have the following application structure:

 - controllers
   - about_controller.ex
   - page_controller.ex
 - templates
   - about
     - index.html.eex
   - page
     - index.html.eex
 - views
   - about_view.ex
   - page_view.ex

And we want to include the `about/index` page on our `page/index`, we can do the following somewhere in our `index.html.eex`:

<%= render Myapp.AboutView, "indexhtml", conn: @conn %>